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Curriculum & Textbooks

The textbook department works to provide all adopted curriculum materials to school sites. Please refer to the current adoption list in the column on the right to review a comprehensive list of textbooks adopted in ABC Unified. 


Textbook Adoption Process:


ABC USD follows a comprehensive textbook adoption process. A committee of teachers with representatives from each school site completes an exhaustive evaluation of the state-adopted materials using rubrics as recommended by the state frameworks. Parents, guardians, and community members are encouraged to participate in this process during the 30-day review period prior to the final adoption of the textbook. The textbook department will announce the beginning of the 30-day review period in the local newspaper and through the ABC USD parent square notification system.


Instructional materials used in California public schools must comply with Education Code sections 60040-60045 and 60048 as well as the SBE guidelines in the Standards for Evaluating Instructional Materials for Social Content.


Please visit the California Department of Education website page on Curriculum Framework and Instructional Materials for more information.


For further questions regarding instructional materials, please contact the Instructional Materials Technician at (562) 926-5566, extension 21217.



Public Textbook Review 

As part of Board Policy 5020 and in accordance with Ed Code 51101, parents or guardians have the opportunity to examine the curriculum of their child's class(es). For in-person or virtual examination of instructional materials, please make an appointment by emailing [email protected] or phoning (562) 926-5566, extension 21217.



Current Textbooks Under Review


Occasionally publishers will also offer online access to their materials for review purposes. To access these materials, use the links provided under the subject headings listed below.


    • Dual Enrollment Course: CIS 103: Computer Programming
Proposed Textbook: Programming Logic & Design: Intro
ISBN: 9781337109635
Publisher: Cengage
Digital eBook Review:
Password: ABCCTET3xtb00ks#


  • Course: Dual Enrollment - Inst 151
    Proposed Textbook: Best Practices in Psychiatric Rehabilitation, 1st Edition; The Center Cannot Hold: My Journey Through Madness, NOVEL
    Publisher: International Association of Psychosocial Rehabilitation; Hachette Books
    No digital eBook for review.



For in-person or virtual examination of any of these print textbooks, please email [email protected] or call (562) 926-5566, extension 21217 to schedule an appointment.


Current Textbook Logins:
ELEMENTARY: Please click here to access elementary students' online texts with video login support. 
SECONDARY: Please click here to access secondary students' online texts with video login support.