IT Video Services



What is Video as a Service?

Video as a Service is a video production capability provided by the IT department to district office employees for the purpose of helping employees use video effectively in their communications. Working in collaboration,  IT Video Services will help you shape your ideas and transform your vision into a completed video. Our in-house production team will work with you from initial scripting to finished edit. Most videos will have a running time of 1-3 minutes, allowing for the best use of our video production resources.



Steps for Requesting Video Production:

  1. Fill out Video Production Request Form opened from the link below.
  2. A phone or in person meeting with producer to discuss your video, will be set.
  3. A shooting date and location will be set.
  4. After filming is completed, an edit of the material will begin, with ongoing client review.
  5. After client sign off on the completed edit, the video file will be delivered or posted online for viewing.

Open Google Sheet: Video Production Request Form


Download: Follow Up Survey