Data Breach


May 28, 2020


ABC Community:


On May 13, the ABC Unified School District publicly reported that a software data breach had occurred involving Aeries Portal, the online program allowing student and parent access to common educational records. In order to keep all ABC Aeries Portal users secure, the District revoked all Aeries Portal passwords, requiring all account holders to manually reset their passwords to regain access.  

The District has since learned which ABC families were affected by the breach, and this notice serves to more fully inform those impacted of what data was compromised, the District’s response, and what families can do to further protect their information. 

This notice is posted below:

Notice of Data Breach


What Happened?

On May 12, 2020, the ABC Unified School District was informed by Aeries Software, Inc., the vendor for our student information database, that they had suffered a data breach impacting those who use the ABC USD portal.


State and federal law enforcement agencies are conducting ongoing investigations into this data breach. At this point, investigators believe one entity was responsible for the attack, and suspects are in custody.

Aeries Software has since patched the software issue that allowed the unauthorized access to occur. 

What Information was Involved?

The following information was exposed on November 4, 2019:


  • Parent Name
  • Student Name
  • Student ID (School)
  • Physical Resident Address
  • Email Address
  • Password “hashes” Aeries automatically encrypts passwords. A password hash does not reveal the password.  However, with access to a password hash, unauthorized persons may be able to deconstruct weak, common, or simple passwords.

No other information was exposed. No social security numbers are maintained in the Aeries system; therefore, no risk of compromise to this data is possible.

ABC has determined that the unauthorized party attempted to gather your information. No evidence exists that your data was taken, nor misused. ABC is required by law to notify the families that were subject to unauthorized access.

What the District is Doing.

ABCUSD Information & Technology revoked all existing passwords, and users were instructed on how to manually reset their password.

What You Need to Do.

Parents and students need to reset their password in response to this incident before further access is granted.

It is recommended that families consider changing user names, and/or passwords that may have been in common with those used with the Aeries Portal.   

For additional support, please contact the Tech Support Hotline at (562) 229-7929.





May 13, 2020


The District’s Information & Technology department has received notification from Aeries Software Inc, our database vendorthat the District’s student information system database was compromised through a vulnerability in the Aeries software. We are currently investigating this issue.


Until we know the extent of this possible breach, we need all ABC students and families with Aeries portal accounts to reset their passwords


Tomorrow, May 14, 2020, an email will be sent to all ABC parent/student account holders with a link to reset their password.   


Once we have more information, families impacted will be notified by the District.


Thank you,


Dr. Colin Sprigg


Information & Technology