Work Experience Education Program


The current emphasis of WEE is to link the academic core curriculum with the world of work and to promote students’ school-to-career transitions. WEE, as part of the total educational process, assists students to develop skills, habits, and attitudes conducive to employment success and personal growth and helps them to choose and to prepare realistically and wisely for careers. Through partnerships with local businesses, WEE utilizes the community’s business-industrial complex as a career-training laboratory in which students can develop a positive work ethic, learn, and develop skills to improve performance in an actual work setting. Achievement of these objectives requires the integrated efforts of administrators, teachers, counselors, students, parents/legal guardians, and employers. The operational plan of the WEE Program combines an on-the-job component with related classroom instruction designed to maximize the value of the on-the-job experience. WEE can be paid and/or non-paid experiences. Currently a work experience program is being operated at Tracy High School.

WEE provides an opportunity to establish relevance between education and the workplace. In our rapidly changing world, where jobs are disappearing, old skills are fast becoming obsolete, and new and flexible skills are increasingly in demand. WEE is recognized as a vital component of modern education. The value of this extension lies in the fact that the business community serves as an expansive training site for our students.

If you are interested or would like more information, please contact the College, Career Technical Education, and Community Partnerships (562) 926-5566 ext. 21197.