CyberSafety Month

Welcome! ABC CyberSafety Month  This site is intended for all ABC schools and teachers to access ABC's CyberSmart lessons and instructions. In addition, all students and parents are encouraged to review these materials and engage in discussions at home!

The site contains CyberSafety lessons that target grades K-3, 4-8, and 9-12. ABC schools will deliver these lessons across the district during the month of October.

Cyber safety instruction is a Federal requirement for 2017-18

ABC developed CyberSmart Month because it makes good sense to educate our children about the digital world in which we live. Students regularly communicate, create, and collaborate using technology.  They are digital natives, hardly knowing a time without mobile phones, digital media, social networking venues, or the ability to search the World Wide Web.

Growing up with these devices and resources does not mean students necessarily have the knowledge and skills to make responsible, respectful, and safe choices about how they access and use these digital tools. ABC is committed to helping our students become conscientious digital citizens! 

The full package of CyberSafety grade-level lessons are accessible above (right) for all ABC schools to utilize and meet the CyberSmart requirement. Students and parents are encouraged to review these materials as well! This website provides schools with CyberSmart Month instructions, lessons, and resources. While each school will deliver these lessons in its own way, all ABC students will ultimately receive the same core CyberSafety instruction. 

A heartfelt thank you to the following CyberSafety Month contributors:

  • Santa Ana Unified School District (Original Program Design)
  • Maggie Barnes, District Librarian (Santa Ana Unified) 
  • Oakland Unified School District
  • ABC Unified Elementary Teachers:  Greg Lewis- Niemes ES and David Franklin-I.T. Program Specialist
  • ABC Unified Middle School Teachers: Elaine Lima- Haskell  and Judy Keller- Carmenita 
  • ABC Unified High School Teachers: Brooke Armigo- Artesia HS, Cindy Carlson, Cerritos HS, Olivia Yaung, Artesia HS
  • Information and Technology: Colin Sprigg-Director, Barbara Miller, David Franklin, Irene Orozco, and Rafael Waites 
  • Keepin' It Private and CyberSmart! Education


CyberSafety Requirements Resources and References