SELPA Alternative Dispute Resolution Services

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Alternative Dispute Resolution Services

   Trainings    Pre-filing Meetings   Facilitated IEP Meetings     Coaching

ABC Unified District is committed to helping families and schools solve problems and conflicts in the fastest and easiest way.  As part of this commitment we are proud to offer the following services:   

  • Facilitated I.E.P. s –Have a neutral facilitator when you are concerned the IEP will be hostile or contentious I.E.P. team meeting.
  • Pre- filing meetings – Schedule a mediation session before filing a formal complaint. Bring in a neutral  facilitator to help  before it gets to the State level. 
  • Questions – Schedule a confidential appointment if you have questions about due process or your parent rights.
  • Staff/Parent trainings – A variety of different workshops and trainings to meet your needs.

Have special needs that are not listed?  Feel free to make a confidential appointment directly with Marc Purchin.

Marc Purchin, ADR Consultant

(310) 202-1155, [email protected]

Dr. Roshelle Chavez, SELPA Director

(562) 926-5566 ext. 21178, [email protected]

Dr. Soco Verduzco, Director Pupil Support Services 

(562) 926-5566 ext. 21156, [email protected]