Online Learning at Home

This page contains resources for parents to assist with Distance Learning for their students.

Elementary Family and Student Guidance Learning at Home

Family and Student Guidance 

ABC Unified School District (ABC) receives guidance on supporting families and students during the COVID-19 (coronavirus) school dismissal/closure from the California Department of Education (CDE), Los Angeles County Office of Education (LACOE) and other public health agencies. The physical and emotional safety of students, families, and staff is our highest priority. ABC also remains committed to providing continuing learning for students during this dismissal/closure period.  

ABC schools will be closed for the remainder of the school year. School is still in session, and your child should be engaged in school work everyday until June 10, 2020. To support families/students during the dismissal/closure period, the following guidelines are for students in TK - 6th grade. 


Classwork and Daily Schedule

Your child’s teacher will assign classwork in the Google Classroom or with paper packets with Google communication support. 

  • Students should plan to participate in learning, daily 
  • Subjects (e.g. math, science, etc.) can be staggered, Monday - Thursday (see sample schedule)
  • Students should try to complete their assignments in up to 45 minute blocks for each subject, which is approximately 3 hours of assigned work each day, Monday - Thursday. 
  • Fridays are used for students to complete their assignments for the week.
  • Students should be able to complete all assignments by the end of the day on Friday.
  • Students may also complete assignments over the weekend; the suggested due date for submitting assignments is Sunday evening. 
  • Families should email the teacher if their child can not meet the deadline to complete and submit their assignment. 
  • Students will not be penalized for late work; but should work to complete and submit assignments by the due date. 
  • Homework is not required at this time. 


Your child’s teacher can administer assessments through the Google Classroom and textbook platforms. Students should follow the teacher’s instructions for taking an online and/or paper packet assessment. Assessments should be completed by the student, independently. The assessment windows will be flexible, and reopened upon request of a student or parent.


Students and parents will receive feedback on assignments and assessments. The evaluation of the assignments and assessments will guide student instruction and inform families of their child’s progress. 


Your child’s teacher can communicate with you and your child regarding instruction and assignments Monday – Friday.  The hours can be flexible, please contact your teacher to inquire about “Office Hours”.

  • Please check your emails and text messages for communication from the school and district.
  • Teachers can use a variety of communication tools and will share their preferred method of communication with you.
  • Please check the ABC District website for updates. 

English Language Learners

Support for English Learners is available in the elementary textbook platforms including leveled readers, read-alouds, and vocabulary support. Additional language tools can be made available to students, such as Google translate, text to speech, or oral recordings of responses. Parents can contact the teacher for information on how to access these resources.

School Meals Lunch 

Breakfast/lunch meals are available at designated schools from 11:00am - 12:30pm.  Students should be present to pick-up meals. Additional information is available at the ABC Website. 

Special Education 

Students with disabilities will continue to receive the accommodations indicated in their IEP. Some students may require additional accommodations due to the change in the learning environment.  Some examples are magnification, text-to-speech, extended time, reduced assignment, speech-to-text, spell-check, thesaurus, and masking the content. Students with disabilities can receive additional accommodations such as extended timelines and reduced assignments. Special education teachers will support learning in the general education classes, specifically as it pertains to addressing student’s IEP goals.  Parents can contact the teacher for information regarding their child’s accommodations. 

Parents can support their children in learning from home

  • Establish a routine bedtime
  • Follow a daily schedule for learning. This schedule does not have to be during regular school hours.
  • Ensure that your child is completing assignments every day and communicating regularly with teachers.
  • Check your child’s assignments for completion and for submitting to the teacher.
  • Follow due dates as much as possible. Teachers will be flexible, but  children should make progress toward completing assignments every day.
  • If you have questions or encounter  challenges, contact your child’s teacher or principal right away.  We are here to help. 

Suggested School Schedules

  • The suggested weekly and daily schedule are samples to help families plan their days 
  • Schedules were developed with guidance from experts in the field of distance learning. 


For more information regarding the ABC learning at home platform and other valuable parent information, please visit: We are here to support families and work together. .



Dr. Beth Bray 

Supervisor of Elementary Curriculum and Professional Learning

ABC Digital Library

The digital library includes thousands of digital books with optional reading supports for
students from pre-K through grade 12 in English and Spanish.
Five daily News articles, which are written by journalists and reviewed by a child
psychologist, are available along with an archive of previous issues.
These resources can be accessed on any digital device that is connected to the Internet and are
available 24/7. Books from the digital library can also be downloaded onto mobile devices for
offline reading.

To log in, go to:
Log in with the following credentials
Username: myON
Password: read
Online Resources for Students
    • BrainpopJr.- science videos that have activities and quizzes.  Sign up for free access.    
    • Nat Geo Kids- videos, experiments, and more.
    • NASA Education Resources- (searchable by topic and grade) provides informative educational materials that engage student interest in science, technology, engineering and mathematics.
    • US Department of Energy Education Resources- free energy education resources for classroom and educational use including printable coloring books.
    • California Academy of Sciences Educator Resources- provides lesson plans, science videos, and distance learning programs.
    • Bill Nye The Science Guy- offers a collection of episode guides and videos as well as directions for home demos that can be found under the “Learn” section and cover topics such as life science, physical science, and planetary science.
    • Switcheroo Zoo- helps kids learn about animals by playing games.
    • Scholastic Magazine- provides a story for students to listen to and a magazine for them to read within science topics.
    • Kids National Geographic- offers free resources such as games, videos and magazines to make learning fun.
    • Bringing the Universe to America's Classrooms  K–12 Earth and Space Science organized into four grade bands. Each resource emphasizes engaging students in phenomena related to core ideas and science and engineering practices of the Next Generation Science Standards.