Technology Readiness

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Technology readiness is the process by which schools put in place both the technology and technology-related administrative processes to successfully administer Smarter Balanced assessments. Becoming “technology-ready” for Smarter Balanced ensures that the required technology operates as seamlessly as possible during test administration, that it does not interfere with or unduly influence the robust and fair assessments of what students know and can do, and that schools are able to live up to their obligations under state and federal education law. Technology requirements do change over time as new tools become available and older devices are rendered obsolete. As such, it is important to understand that technology readiness for Smarter Balanced assessments is not a one-time event, but an annual process that must be revisited every school year.


Secure Browsers In order to provide a consistent testing experience for students, ensure that test results are reliable, and protect the security of the test, the devices (computers and tablets) used by students to take the test must meet certain requirements. The following are universal requirements for all devices. Members should consult with their test delivery service provider for details on support for specific devices and operating systems. The following table lists which operating systems are supported and which Secure Browser to install for the year 2020-21.
Technical Manual This manual provides information about system requirements and network, hardware, and secure browser configurations for running various testing applications used in the California Assessment of Student Performance and Progress (CAASPP) testing. What’s New in 2016–17 Feature Change Support for the California Science Tests (CAST) pilot  Unless specifically noted, all technical requirements. Technical Specifications and Configuration Guide for CAASPP Online Testing
Keyboard Commands

Keyboard commands and shortcuts are important skills to teach students how to become more efficient on the computer. The link below provides information students information on how to use these keyboard commands to navigate between test elements, features, and tools. 

Students can use these keyboard commands to navigate between test elements, features, and tools: