Intradistrict Transfer Application (within ABC schools)


Please read all instructions carefully before completing the application.

Applications for Intra-district Transfer Permits

Administrative Regulation 5116.1

All Intra-District Requests for the 2022-23 School Year must begin at the student's school of residence. Application requests will be accepted at the school sites during the application window from:

Application Request Window: June 2 - June 23, 2022

Parents residing in ABC may apply for an Intra-district permit to move their child to a district school due to:


Childcare for elementary age students.

ABC Intradistrict Child Care Provider Verification Process


Special medical or social adjustment (i.e. safety)

Intradistrict permit requests due to special medical or social adjustment (i.e. safety) require supporting documentation from a properly licensed or registered professional.

Please attach the documentation in the application below.


Application Review Period:

School sites will review submitted applications that were received between June 2 - June 23, 2022. All requests shall be reviewed by the principal at the school of residency and the proposed school of attendance accordingly. A decision shall then be rendered to grant or deny the permit. All submissions will either be granted or denied and notifications to both the parent and the district office will be sent via email.

Intra-district Permit Appeal Process:

If an Intra-district permit request has been denied, then the parent has a right to appeal the decision to the Office of Child Welfare and Attendance. A denied permit must be appealed to the CWA before the appeal expiration date (no more than 10 days after the denial).  

The Supervisor of Child Welfare & Attendance shall review the transfer appeal based on Board policy and regulations, education code, state law, and consultation with school sites, parents, and district administration when necessary. He/she and the Student Transfer Committee shall hear the appeal. If it is denied, the parent/guardian may appeal, in writing no later than 10 calendar days from the denial, to the District Hearing Officer who shall render the final decision. (AR 5116.1). Please use the form

To Appeal an Intra-district permit please fill out the following form: