ABC Visitor Management

Dear ABC Community:


This year the ABC Unified School District will implement new safety protocols for visitors to ABC schools. With the use of the new ABC Visitor Management System (Powered by Raptor Inc., Technologies) visitors to ABC schools will be asked to present an official identification card to be scanned by the system.  The system prints a customized visitor ID badge for the visitor to wear which displays their name, date, location, and purpose of the visit. In addition, the ABC Visitor Management System checks against the sex offender databases of all fifty states. We are pleased to screen all visitors that enter our schools to ensure the safety of every ABC student.


For a comprehensive look at how the ABC Visitor Management System works, please check out this ABC Visitor Management System video, and this (FAQ) Frequently Asked Questions document.


Additional resources are located below in support our schools' successful rollout the new ABC Visitor Management System.


Installation of the ABC Visitor Management System will occur between August 2019 and December 2019, and thereafter, all schools will be functioning.


To learn more about the ABC Visitor Management System visit the website at If you have any questions contact Colin Sprigg at or 562-926-5566.


Thank you for your understanding and support of our enhanced school safety protocols within ABC Unified School District.


ABC Visitor Management Resources

Supporting Board Policies (Full Text)
Supporting Board Policies (Summaries)