Student Face Covering Exemptions

Face Covering Exemptions




From Los Angeles County Department of Public Health - March 12, 2021:


  •  All students over age 2 are required to wear face masks at all times while on school property except while eating, drinking, or carrying out other activities that preclude use of face masks. 
  • Alternative protective strategies may be adopted to accommodate students who are on Individualized Education or 504 Plans and who cannot use or tolerate face masks. Students who cannot wear a mask should not be placed with a cohort or group of students in the classroom. They may be able to tolerate a face shield with drape at the bottom which does not provide the same extent of source control or personal protection as use of a properly fitted, multi-layered face mask, therefore a student who cannot wear a mask can receive necessary services in a one-to-one setting with staff wearing appropriate PPE. They may also need to be accommodated via distance learning