Your Input Needed: Responsible Use of AI

Artificial Intelligence, or AI, is becoming increasingly integrated into our lives. Education is no different. The ABC Unified School District recognizes the opportunities and challenges AI brings to our schools. The ABCUSD Information & Technology Department has developed “A Guide to Ethical and Responsible AI Use at ABC Unified School District.” This guide outlines the principles, strategies, and best practices of using AI tools in teaching and learning while also promoting its ethical and responsible use. 

We need your feedback on this guide. Please review the document and submit your feedback here. To ensure transparency, we will publish your comments (not your name) on our website. We will also hold community roundtable events to discuss the guide and the feedback received. 

Please visit our Responsible Use of AI webpage for more information about our efforts to ensure we use this tool in a way that benefits our students. 

Thank you.