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ABC School Safety (ABC "E" Plans)

School Safety Commitment


ABCUSD is committed to providing a safe school environment for every student, staff, and community member.  The District has a long standing commitment to school safety, backed by training, drills and practice, and the capacity to engage in a rapid multi-leveled response. The District uses the SEMS Standardized Emergency Management System to structure its relations to all ABC schools, and to respond  and support any ABC campus school emergency scenario.

The District takes a comprehensive approach to school safety that includes district drills and practice, training, campus security, technology, mental health and wellness, cybersafety, and an annual cycle of school safety plan assessments and updates. The District maintains a close relationship with local Sheriff and Fire Departments, state, and national agencies.

ABCUSD’s comprehensive effort to provide students, staff, and community safe learning environments is a core tenet of the District’s mission, and a process that is continuously being assessed and improved.


District and Campus Safety Initiatives


All ABCUSD school sites and District facilities have safety plans in place that are updated annually. Collaborative safety planning is conducted throughout the year by the District’s Emergency Operations Center staff,  Child Welfare and Attendance, Information and Technology, Mental Health Services, School Resource Officers, and with local emergency responders.

  • Schools conduct monthly safety drills that reflect various emergency scenarios. Drills include lockdowns; shelter in place; run, hide and fight; earthquake and fire drills.
  • ABCUSD uses remote controlled “lock and unlock” technology door access technology to control who enters a school.
  • ABCUSD use general IP camera technology to monitor activity in public spaces.
  • ABCUSD Student Intervention Assistants provide daily security on school campuses.
  • Schools implement programs explicitly designed to form positive connections with students, and build a culture to safely report concerns or incidents.
  • The District has established a District Safety TIP Line for students and the community to anonymously report concerns to District officials. The District also monitors all students’ instructional technology activity online for triggers of self harm, threats to others, and other safety issues.   


Los Angeles County Sherif's Department Outreach


Partnership with the Irvine Police Department.


  • ABCUSD has a close partnership with the Los Angeles County Sheriff Department (LASD), both Cerritos and Lakewood Stations that work collaboratively with the District related aspects of school safety, student and staff trainings, and site-specific response planning. Lakewood Station, in partnership with ABCUSD, provides 1 full-time School Resource Officer assigned to Artesia High School.  School Resource Officers are specifically trained to help provide campus safety, but they also serve as a resource for students, parents and school administrators to create unity between the community and LASD.
  • All ABCUSD Secondary Schools employ School Intervention Assistants (SIA’s) One at each middle school and four at each high school. These individuals patrol the campus throughout the day and provide security on campus and at special events as well. SIA’s are required to complete a training course for security guards under SB 1626.