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The Artesia, Bloomfield, and Carmenita school districts unified to become ABC

In 1965 Artesia, Bloomfield, and Carmenita School Districts

unified and became known as the ABC Unified School District.




In 1965 Artesia, Bloomfield, and Carmenita School Districts unified and became known as the ABC Unified School District. 


The ABC Unified School District is representative of urban school districts throughout the United States. The community served by ABC Unified School District includes the cities of Artesia, Cerritos, and Hawaiian Gardens, as well as portions of Lakewood, Long Beach, and Norwalk.


Located in an attractive suburb on the southeast edge of Los Angeles County, the District is within easy driving distance to the major Southern California attractions, airports, and universities. The District is approximately 15 miles from beautiful Pacific Ocean beaches and within two hours of local mountains. The ethnically and economically diverse community is strongly supportive of ABC schools.


School District


The ABC Unified School District is known throughout the State of California as a leader in educational planning and innovation. The District has received county, state, and national recognition for outstanding programs in counseling, alternative education, staff development, and labor relations. 


Staff members have been selected to participate on state, and national educational committees and have been invited to make presentations at national, state, and local conferences. Students have been recognized as National Merit scholars, academic decathlon winners, and participants in the Model United Nations program. Approximately 85 percent of the graduating students go on to higher education.


Ongoing partnerships with the community college, regional occupational program, state universities, and local businesses are an integral part of the District's planning process for educational improvement. An atmosphere of participative management prevails, with teachers, administrators, and the community working together to build strong, quality programs.


Other noteworthy programs include magnet schools, independent study, adult education, extensive extra-curricular programs, and a university prep school. Strong support services have resulted in recently modernized schools and an innovative technology department. Programs for special education students, gifted and talented students, and limited or non-English speaking students are offered, as well as a variety of independent study, vocational education, and advanced placement courses.


The ABC Unified School District is governed by a seven-member Board of Education and includes nineteen elementary schools, five middle schools, three comprehensive high schools, a college prep 7-12 school, a continuation high school, infant/children centers, extended-day care, and adult school. The diverse ethnicity of the community is reflected in the K-12 population, which is American Indian/Alaskan Native, Asian, African American, Filipino, Hispanic, Pacific Islander, Portuguese, and White.