COVID-19 & EASE Resources for Employees



ABC Unified has contracted with Care Solace to help connect our students to regular, ongoing counseling services outside of school.  As part of that contract, all ABC Employees are able to use the Care Solace system to set up ongoing counseling services for themselves or those in their household at no cost.  Care Solace will work with each employee to help connect you or a family member to counseling services using your current health care coverage or other coverage if you do not have healthcare coverage through your employer.


You are able to connect with Care Solace to see if they can help you or someone in your household connect to regular, ongoing counseling services at the link below:


You can get live help and support using the phone number, text feature, or video chat feature in the top right corner of the website or you can do a completely confidential search on your own using the "Search on your own" button in the middle of the webpage.