Response to Charges at the October 2, 2018 Board Meeting

When claims of improper conduct by employees are brought to the District’s attention, the District seeks to eliminate the unwelcome and inappropriate behavior and to protect the targeted person and others from repeated harassment. To do this, the District investigates the alleged behavior, evaluates whether a disciplinary response is warranted, and if so, the appropriate level of discipline. The District also reports information to law enforcement as required by law and cooperates fully in any investigation that law enforcement may conduct.

Allegations of improper conduct by a substitute para-educator were brought to the District less than three weeks ago; these same protocols were followed. The District concluded its investigation within a week and took appropriate corrective action based on its findings. The individual is no longer employed by the District. During this time, the District also fully cooperated with local law enforcement, and will continue to do so. The District is prohibited from disclosing confidential personnel and pupil information, therefore no further information will be provided to the public in order to preserve the rights and privacy of the parties involved.