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School Safety

ABCUSD is committed to providing a safe school environment for every student, staff, and community member.  The District has a long standing commitment to school safety, backed by training, drills and practice, and the capacity to engage in in a rapid multi-leveled response. The District uses the SEMS Standardized Emergency Management System to structure its relations to all ABC schools, and to respond  and support any ABC campus school emergency scenario.The District takes a comprehensive approach to school safety that includes district drills and practice, training, campus security, technology, mental health and wellness, cybersafety, and an annual cycle of school safety plan assessments and updates. The District maintains a close relationship with local Sheriff and Fire Departments, state, and national agencies.ABCUSD’s comprehensive effort to provide students, staff, and community safe learning environments is a core tenet of the District’s mission, and a process that is continuously being assessed and improved.
All ABCUSD school sites and District facilities have safety plans in place that are updated annually. Collaborative safety planning is conducted throughout the year by the District’s Emergency Operations Center staff,  Child Welfare and Attendance, Information and Technology, Mental Health Services, School Resource Officers, and with local emergency responders.Schools conduct monthly safety drills that reflect various emergency scenarios. Drills include lockdowns; shelter in place; run, hide and fight; earthquake and fire drills.ABCUSD uses remote controlled “lock and unlock” technology door access technology to control who enters a school.ABCUSD use general IP camera technology to monitor activity in public spaces.ABCUSD Student Intervention Assistants provide daily security on school campuses.Schools implement programs explicitly designed to form positive connections with students, and build a culture to safely report concerns or incidents.The District has established a District Safety TIP Line for students and the community to anonymously report concerns to District officials. The District also monitors all students’ instructional technology activity online for triggers of self harm, threats to others, and other safety issues.
Los Angeles County Sheriff Department Partnership
ABCUSD has a close partnership with the Los Angeles County Sheriff Department (LASD), both Cerritos and Lakewood Stations that work collaboratively with the District related aspects of school safety, student and staff trainings, and site-specific response planning. Lakewood Station, in partnership with ABCUSD, provides 1 full-time School Resource Officer assigned to Artesia High School.  School Resource Officers are specifically trained help provide campus safety, but they also serve as a resource for students, parents and school administrators to create unity between the community and LASD.All ABCUSD Secondary Schools employ School Intervention Assistants (SIA’s) One at each middle school and four at each high school. These individuals patrol the campus throughout the day and provide security on campus and at special events as well. SIA’s are required to complete a training course for security guards under SB 1626.
We understand the importance of  staying  connected with ABCUSD, including receiving important news and information about the District and our schools on a regular basis. It is also important to know how to connect with ABCUSD during an emergency.  Below are ways that you can stay connected to ABCUSD in real time, 24/7:
Please ensure your contact information in the Aeries Parent Portal is up to date. Check your notification settings via the COMMUNICATION link in Aeries Portal.Emergency Broadcast, override any personal settings, ensuring the delivery of important emergency messages to all of your communication points.
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In the event of a school or district wide emergency, please check these resources first. They are updated in real time and will help you get the information you need immediately. Following this protocol will also help keep phone lines open for staff and first responders. 
In the event of a campus emergency during school hours or events, the following reunification process will be followed:ABCUSD will work directly with the school site principal to assist with the incident, including the safe release of students to parents or authorized guardians through an established reunification process.Notifications will be sent out by the school of updates may be sent out through these channels. text messages, email,  twitter. Secondarily, check our home page and ABCUSD social media on the District’s homepage.Students will only be released to parents and guardians listed on the school's emergency contact card only.Please bring a valid picture ID, such as a driver’s license or passport. Most importantly please be sure your emergency contacts are up to date in the Student Information System (SIS), so that they may also be able to pick-up your child in the event of an emergency. Your emergency contacts must also have a valid photo ID.

PBIS systems are implemented on all ABCUSD campuses and establish student expectations for the learning and teaching environment, social culture and campus norms.PBIS supports academic success and develops a strong school culture in which students learn early-on what is expected behavior.  This has proven critical in supporting students and helping them feel comfortable reporting behavior or concerns that are not in line with their school’s culture.  In other words, it supports “if you see something, say something,” helping to make our campuses and students safer.   PBIS has also helped ABCUSD reduce and respond to bullying through proactive measures.  For comprehensive information about bullying, cyberbullying, and ABCUSD actions.

Equally important to campus and personnel safety resources are mental health and wellness resources.ABCUSD's School Services Department and Safe and Supportive Schools Department provide social emotional and behavioral health supports for students at the elementary and secondary levels. The Multi-tiered Systems of Support (MTSS) framework integrates academic and behavioral interventions to improve outcomes for students and schools. MTSS model uses instruction, assessment, and decision making to provide universal interventions for all students and targeted services for those in need of additional support.  This includes Districtwide support staff:School Psychologists: conduct psycho-educational evaluations for special education services and also crisis intervention support, counseling services and consultation to staff and parents.
School Social Workers and Mental Health Professionals at every school site: Masters’ Level practitioners provide universal and targeted social emotional and behavioral interventions to individuals and groups of students using evidence-based and evidence-informed practicesCounseling Interns and Masters of Social Work (MSW/PPSC) interns: provide universal and targeted socio-emotional support interventions under supervision of licensed and/or credentialed mental health professionalsPrimary Intervention Program Coaches: provide skillstreaming lessons at 15 elementary school sites on prosocial skills and classroom success skills that support Common Core Standards in academic areasWellness Coordinator/Technicians: provide universal and targeted socio-emotional supports under supervision of licensed and/or credentialed mental health professionalsCommunity Resource Team (CRT): Partnership with local agencies and organizations to provide specialized targeted services to students and families in need of additional resources and supports.

Additional District and community resources:
Resources include crisis intervention and response teams, outreach and campus-wide mental health initiatives, universal prevention and intervention services such as Playworks, Peacebuilders, Youth Mental Health First Aid and Building Bridges. Additional resources include Foster The Wesley Health Center, Melbourne Elementary School Parent and Community Center and Fedde Community Resource Center.  
ABCUSD recognizes that children process grief and reactions to violence differently.  Below are resources to help you communicate with your child about these difficult topics.

While ABCUSD has plans in place that are regularly practiced, please know that school safety is not something we can do alone. The partnership and support we have with local law enforcement and our school community is critical. We ask for your support in reminding students to please take all drills seriously, follow law enforcement, teacher and site administrator instructions, and if they see something, say something - it is the best deterrent to potentially harmful situations. We want everyone on our campus, including parents and guardians to be empowered to report any unusual or suspicious activity.In the case of an emergency at our schools, we ask that you please remember to look for information from our District. We deliver messages through email, voicemail, text messages, District and school websites and social media.Please ensure that your child’s school has your most current contact information on file – email and phone are crucial.By working together we can provide students a safe and healthy learning environment where they can focus and thrive.Parent Portal