Special Programs

The Department of Special Programs, Assessment and Accountability provides technical assistance and
professional development related to the implementation of state and federal programs for ABC Unified schools
and district. This department assists administrators and other staff responsible for categorical education
programs for students. This assistance includes compliance monitoring, plan writing, school site council training,
data analysis, and reporting, to support student achievement and success. 
Assistance is also provided to ensure family and community engagement in our district and schools; this includes coordination of activities, communication, workshops, and dissemination of information to families.
Lisa Davis, Supervisor Special Programs
Patrice McClellan, Secretary ext. 21136
Prisca Alba, Secretary ext. 21076
Sandi Hayase, Program Specialist ext. 21048
Erica Aguirre, Program Specialist ext. 21049
Christina Moreau, AVID District Director ext. 21451
Priya Venkat, Research, Planning and Evaluation Specialist, ext. 21205
Mary Esteves, Community Liaison, ext. 21371
Veronica Hernandez, Community Liaison ext. 21144
Angelica Mendez, Para educator ext 21374
Soo Oh, Community Liaison ext. 21372
Joanie Theus, E.X.T.R.A. Program Coordinator ext. 21076