Summer School - Elementary Schools

Summer School Registration is in process. If you have questions about your child's invitation, please contact the Summer School Principal overseeing your child's school.


Summer School Principal

Burbank, Carver, Elliott, Juarez, Kennedy, Nixon

Lorena Ramirez

Bragg, Cerritos, Leal, Gonsalves, Stowers, Wittmann

Ellen Flaming

Furgeson, Hawaiian, Melbourne, Niemes

Cynthia Santos

Aloha, Palms, Willow

Maria Perez-Brena

This year students who need additional support in mastering the math standards will be invited to attend Summer School.
For more information contact, your child's school (or) Curriculum Supervisor Dr. Beth Bray (X21075),
2020 Summer School Dates
June 29- July 24, 2020. Monday - Friday
No school on July 3, 2020