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Tobacco Use Prevention Education Program (TUPE)

The purpose of the tobacco use prevention education program is to reduce youth tobacco use by helping young people make healthful tobacco-related decisions. The TUPE program aims to build and strengthen student knowledge, social skills, and youth development. Through effective collaboration with community-based tobacco programs, schools, families, and the larger community, school districts can successfully implement and achieve TUPE program goals.

Contact Us
(562) 926-5566 extension 21187
Nancy Romero - Coordinator, Pupil Support Services & Attendance
Julie Yabumoto - Program Specialist Elementary Curriculum
Diana Cing - TUPE Facilitator
Learn the facts about the harmful effects of tobacco consumption
  • Smoking affects the way we look and smell
  • It also causes many types of cancer and damages the mouth, lungs, heart and circulatory system
  • Secondhand smoke is also dangerous to others who are exposed
  • Chewing not only makes your breath stink, it also rots your teeth and gums.
  • Vaping is not a safe alternative to cigarettes
  • Learn about the marketing strategies used by manufacturers to increase tobacco use in teens
  • Learn skills to refuse experimentation and easy ways to say "no thanks"
My Healthy Futures is a self-paced course for students to complete on their own. Feel free to reach out to our office by making a call or dropping an email for any of the services offered. We look forward to hearing from you. TUPE Advisors are are also available at all ABCUSD school's to provide resources or additional support and guidance.
Healthy Futures
What Can you do? 
  • Know the facts
  • Talk with your child
  • Try to understand why
  • Practice refusal skills
  • Be a good role model
MY Healthy Futures Course and Healthy Curriculums cover information on the health effects of vaping, addiction, messaging, and cost.