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Whitney High School Admissions

2024-2025 Whitney High School Application Window is now closed.

The ABC Unified School District consists of three comprehensive high schools and one academic choice high school.  All four high schools provide excellent university preparation programs for students. Graduates from each of the district’s high schools are admitted to prestigious colleges and universities of their choice.                           

Whitney High School is the academic choice school in ABC Unified School District. Students interested in attending Whitney High School are required to adhere to the application and admissions process.

The District will utilize a non-discriminatory admissions process, occurring during the Fall semester, to govern admission to Whitney High School for the following school year. Consistent with Education Code section 48356, the District establishes the minimum standards and rules regarding admission. See the current policy attached below.

Current Grade 6 students who are ABCUSD residents and attend ABCUSD are all given the District Writing and an academic assessment of Reading and Math. Parents can choose to opt-out of the Reading and Math Assessments by providing a written request or completing an opt-out form that is available at each elementary school. Student may NOT opt-out of the District Writing Assessment. Admission is determined by student scores on the District Writing Assessment and the academic assessment of Reading and Math


Current 7th through 11th grade students who live within the ABCUSD attendance boundaries may indicate an interest in attending Whitney by submitting an application.  Admission is determined by student scores on the designated writing test, and an academic assessment of Reading and Math. Children of permanent ABC employees who are non residents are eligible to apply for admission and must submit an application during the application window.


After test results have been compiled and eligible students are ranked per Board Policy 5118.3, invitations are mailed only to students who are offered admissions to enroll at Whitney High School. Invitees have five days to indicate their intent to register. Notifications will occur in February 2024. Families must make every effort to ensure they can respond within 5 days of receiving this notice. Students not selected for this year’s admission are encouraged to submit another Whitney High School application during the open enrollment period next year.