Information & Technology

A 2022-2023 Message

Colin Sprigg, Director of Information and Technology

The Information and Technology department is a highly integrated team of expert network-data and instructional technology specialists. We work together to serve the technology needs of students, teachers, and ABC staff throughout the School District.  We are responsible for new and ongoing technology infrastructure, maintenance, technical support, and we guide instructional technology initiatives that support students and teachers in ABC's classrooms.

Here are the latest technology initiatives to support student learning:

  • High Performing Classrooms: Measure BB school modernization construction is already over a year in the works. Each year for the foreseeable future, additional schools will complete their modernization which includes state of the art 21st century classroom environments for all.  In the meantime, the school District replaced its wireless access points within every ABC school and classroom to ensure students’ robust access to the Internet. In addition, all ABC classroom and District departments received new phone system handsets connected to the modernization funded new world class phone system. Everyone now has access to ABC's simple, full featured phone system.
  • New Mobile Devices: This year the district will refresh the students’ fleet of 1:1 computers at every ABC school with new HP 14” Chromebooks. The new computers will arrive in two waves: one at the start of the school year, and the second after mid-year.  This replacement initiative ensures that all students have access to collaborative online working environments throughout the day and within every classroom.
  • Instructional Technology Focus Areas: Our instructional team is working closely with Academic Services staff to ensure that all students and staff become proficient with the “Five C’s” of technology use in the classroom: Communication, Collaboration, Creativity, Critical Thinking, and CyberSafety. Since this year’s Academic Service's theme is centered around “Compassion” we've added a 6th C: Compassion through the lens of technology. Professional development throughout the school year will support these 21st century technology skills to ensure every student is technology ready for college and career. Finally, exciting new partnership projects are emerging in the area of creating interdisciplinary data teams and coaching teams from within Academic Services and the IT Department that support our schools’ effort to identify student academic, and social needs. The teams will collaborate, contribute from their areas of expertise, to problem solve using data, in innovative and effective ways that makes a difference in our students' lives.