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District Safety Tip-Line

District Safety Tip-Line   562 888 0472


Dear Parents:

ABC will launch its new District Safety Tip Line during the month of October in conjunction with ABC’s October CyberSmart Month. The District Safety Tip Line was pilot tested last year in ABC and it is ready for use by all ABC schools.


What is the District Safety Tip Line?

The Safety Tip Line is a quick anonymous way for students to inform school authorities of a safety concern. Students may access the Safety Tip Line at any time with a phone call from home, or from their cell phones on or off campus. The District Safety Tip Line is for anonymous reports of information intended for school administrators to receive and act upon. While students may use the Tipline 24/7, school and district staff only act upon the Tipline during normal school hours. Therefore, the Tipline is not for emergencies.

Sample issues could include cyber or physical bullying, situations of abuse, talk of a fight, drug abuse, anything that could impact the safety and well being of students and school staff that is not a case of imminent danger.


What is NOT the District Safety Tip Line?

The District Safety Tip Line is NOT a hotline staffed with a human to answer the phone. Students should not use the District Safety Tip Line for emergency, or crisis-oriented purposes. Students are directed to call 911 for issues of imminent danger, or to speak directly to a school authority as appropriate.


How the District Safety Tipline Works

The District Safety Tip Line is powered by Google Voice technology. The Tip Line passes through student reports of information from the district office to the appropriate school administrators. Students are asked to leave a detailed message regarding their safety concern, and the involved school location. The caller’s voice message is recorded, and a text transcript of the recording is created which is delivered to district and school staff for action. School administrators will act upon incoming Tip Line Reports during normal school business hours.


How do ABC Schools Get Started?

ABC schools will provide students District Safety Tip Line information during October’s CyberSmart Month program. Every ABC classroom will have District Safety Tip Line posters visible for students to access the Tip Line phone number. In addition, schools will provide Tip Line Business cards to age appropriate students for easy access to the District Safety Tip Line.

We are very excited about the launch of this new District Safety Tip Line that will enhance the safety and welfare of the entire ABC community.

For questions regarding your school’s rollout of the District Safety Tipline, please contact your school office. For questions regarding the District Tip Line system, please contact me, Dr. Colin Sprigg, Director of Information and Technology, (562) 926-5566 x 21131.



Dr. Colin Sprigg

Director of Information and Technology

District Safety Tip Line Documents

District Safety Tip Line Greeting

Hello you’ve reached the ABC Unified School District’s Safety Tip Line.

By reporting dangerous or suspicious activity you can help keep our schools safe. 

This is not an emergency response line, if you or someone else is in need of immediate assistance please Hang up and call 911. Tip Line reports will be acted upon by the school only during regular school hours.

If you have information regarding a recent event, ongoing problem or a potentially threatening situation, please leave a detailed message after the tone.  Be sure to include the name of the school, names of the individuals involved, and any other information that might help us address the problem.

You may choose to remain anonymous; however providing us with your contact information could be helpful during the investigation.

Thank you for helping to keep your school safe, Goodbye.