PeachJar » Flyer Distribution Guidelines for Community Organizations

Flyer Distribution Guidelines for Community Organizations

  1. An organization requesting flyer distribution must be a qualified non-profit organization in good standing with the California Secretary of State and/or Internal Revenue Service.
  2. The organization requesting the use of the flyer distribution system must be the lead organization hosting, managing, and collecting any fees for the event and therefore must have proof of its own non-profit status.
  3. Qualified organizations should visit the District flyer distribution system (Peachjar) to register as an “Enrichment or Community Organization”.
    a. Organizations will upload their IRS non-profit status letter and the flyer that they would like to be considered for distribution.
    b. Organizations will select which school communities they would like the flyer to be distributed to. Options include specific schools, categories of schools such as, elementary, intermediate, high, or select school zones.
    c. Organizations will select how long a flyer is to remain active on a school website(s).
  4. Flyers are automatically submitted to the District. The District will review the information submitted and determine if the request is in accordance with District regulations  “Flyer Distribution Policy”  The District typically reviews flyer posting requests within 7-14 working days, excluding holidays and District observed breaks. Please submit your flyers well in advance for optimal promotion opportunities.
  5. Organizations will be notified, through the flyer distribution system (Peachjar), if their flyer was approved, denied or if additional information is required. If approved, organizations will have two options for flyer distribution:
    The flyer may be posted electronically to selected school websites, free of charge.
    The flyer may also be emailed to students, parents, staff and community members who have registered to receive flyers. The flyer distribution system (Peachjar) charges a fee for this service. Fees are set and collected by the company. Service fees may be waived when a local community organization is promoting a free event that does not entice participants to join a fee-based program, or purchase products or services
  6. Please note that all flyers will automatically include the following disclaimer:
    “ABC Unified School District neither endorses nor sponsors the organization or activity represented in this material. The District accepts no liability or responsibility for the program/activity. The distribution or display of this material is provided as a community service.”
  7. Organizations or individuals that engage in violations of the flyer guidelines may be banned from future distribution of promotional and/or informational materials.