Work Permits

Work Permit Issuance for Minors 

Work permit issuance is processed by an administrator at your school of attendance.


Teresa Macias
Secretary II
Victoria Camp
Secretary II 
Hilda Arechiga
Mireya Kech
Secretary II
Suzanne Campbell
Secretary III
Cab Lane 
ABC Secondary
Independent Study
Charlene DeJong
Secretary I



- All minors need a work permit to legally work in the State of California
- Students must have an offer of a paid job - Blank work permits are not issued.
- Work permits are ONLY issued by the students school of attendance.
- If you reside in our district and attend a private school, or are homeschooled, you must seek a permit from your
school administrator or homeschool program administrator.

Entertainment Work Permits (EWP)

If your student is in need of an Entertainment Work Permits (EWP), please follow the instructions found on the California Department of Industrial Relations website. Parent/Guardian may use the  DLSE online system to apply. Download and print school form from the DLSE online system to be signed by an administrator at your students school of attendance.