Dual Enrollment

ABC Unified is proud to partner with Cerritos College to provide college courses to high school students on our own campuses. These courses are part of the College and Career Access Partnership Agreement, adopted by ABC Unified in May of 2018. This agreement is a result of Assembly Bill 288. This state bill aims to:
    • Reach a broader range of students with college courses
    • Emphasize college and career readiness, Career and Technical Education (CTE), and transfer pathways
    • Allow for college courses to be taught on high school campuses and exclusively to high school students
There are many benefits to dual enrollment courses and these should be reviewed with your school counselor. Here are a few of the advantages:
    • Introduction to and preparation for college academic life
    • Smoother transition from high school to college
    • Ability to explore interests, careers, and majors
    • Opportunity to address skill gaps
    • Motivation to persist and pursue a postsecondary certificate or degree
    • Ability to begin earning college credits during high school
    • Confidence in one's academic ability


Please refer to the Dual Enrollment Form and the Student and Parent Guide available on the right of this page as they contain answers to most general questions.


If you are interested in enrolling your child in a college course by your campus, please see your high school counselor for details or call (562) 926-5566 ext. 21132 for additional questions.


Current Course Offerings - Summer 2021

Course School(s) Classes (up to 30 students)
English 100:  Freshman Composition All ABCUSD HS 1
Film 159:  World Film All ABCUSD HS 2
History 110:  African-American History Cerritos HS 1
Math 155:  Pre-Calculus Gahr HS 1
Reading 101:  Lit & Learning Strategies Artesia & Gahr HS 1
Sociology 210:  American Minority Relations All ABCUSD HS 1
Whitney High School Early College Program
The Whitney HS Early College Program, ABCUSD's newest dual enrollment program, is beginning during the summer of 2021 as an inaugural group of 32 incoming 9th graders will begin taking dual enrollment college courses each term in conjunction with their high school course load.  At the end of four years, these students will earn their high school diploma AND all the college credits needed to be eligible for an Associate's Degree (AA) or transfer to a four-year university. 
To learn more about this exciting, 4-year cohort program, please visit the Whitney Early College Program website
Cerritos High School Teacher TRAC Program
The Teacher TRAC program at Cerritos High School is offered in partnership with Cerritos College and CSULB.  Students who are aspiring educators begin by taking three dual enrollment college courses in education during their junior and senior years.  Through the agreement, students may then study two years at Cerritos College and two years at CSULB to complete both their bachelor's degree and their teaching credential in four years (this saves 1 - 1.5 years of college if done separately!).  Finally, ABCUSD guarantees an employment interview for any of our own graduates who complete the program.  See the graphic below for more details.
For additional questions, please contact the Counseling Office at Cerritos High School.