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Secondary Education

Secondary Education
The Secondary Education Department serves students, teachers & administrators for grades 7-12.
The main focus of this department is to provide support in the following areas:
  • Curriculum and textbook support for all content areas.
  • Professional Learning for teachers and administrators
  • Summer School for the Secondary Level
  • Program support for online learning via Edmentum
  • Program support for college and career readiness
  • District benchmarks and assessments
  • Parent Education on curriculum
  • California Healthy Youth Act
  • Transition support from Elementary to Middle to High School
  • English Language Learner support for secondary students
To view a list of A-G courses our high schools offer, please visit the school's website pages or click the link below and search for your high school in the UC list of A-G courses: High School Course lists


Crechena Wise headshot photo

Dr. Crechena Wise, Director

Secondary Curriculum & Professional Learning


[email protected]

ext. 21132

Audrey Rios headshot photo

Bryan Glonchak

Program Specialist

(World Languages, ELD, Online Learning)


[email protected]

ext. 21205

Lena Bradshaw headshot photo

Lena Bradshaw

Program Specialist

(Math, Science, Read 180)


[email protected]

ext. 21080

Lora Ayala headshot photo

Lora Ayala

Program Specialist

(Science, Health)


[email protected]

ext. 21143

Dayna Coleman headshot photo

Dayna Coleman

Program Specialist

(English, History/Social Sciences)


[email protected]

ext. 21079

Prisca Alba
Secretary III
ext. 21132