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Independent Study Physical Education

ABCUSD Governing Policy for ISPE

The ABCUSD Board of Education believes that all students benefit from participating in physical education (PE) that is provided through a comprehensive, standards-aligned program that integrates physical fitness into the broad range of activities that students enjoy.  As an alternative to classroom-based PE instruction for students involved in extensive, national competition-level athletic training outside of school, independent study PE (ISPE) may be approved following the state and local guidelines outlined herein. [AR 6158(a)]  Please note that athletic training outside of school does not qualify students for a PE exemption. [EC 51241]

The California Department of Education defines independent study as “an alternative instructional strategy, not an alternative curriculum; students follow the same course of study and meet the same academic standards as classroom-based students. IS students must adhere to EC sections 51222, 51225.3, 51241, and 60800, the latter requiring all students in grades five, seven, and nine to be tested in the state’s physical education performance test.”  The state also requires a formal, signed Written Agreement governing the scope, standards, and timelines of any independent study program prior to student enrollment.

Applicants for ISPE must meet the eligibility standards and all documentation procedures outlined in the packet linked below.  Completed applications must be submitted to the school principal or designee within the annual application window:  May 1 - May 31 for the following school year.  Authorization for ISPE, if granted by both the site principal or designee and ABCUSD Academic Services, will be for one school year only and must be renewed annually.

Eligibility & Application Requirements
Annual Application Window:  May 1 - May 31
(for following school year)
The Independent Study Physical Education (ISPE) Application Packet linked below contains sections regarding Eligibility and Application Procedures, including required forms and documentation (Exhibits A-D).  Please download and read through the packet carefully as ISPE approval will requires components completed by the student, parent/guardian, coach/trainer, and school officials.
Completed applications and supporting documents must be submitted to the school office/designee during the application window.  Notification and schedule changes will occur at least two weeks prior to the first day of school.
Also linked via separate button below is a copy of the Monthly Activity Log that must be completed by the student and coach/trainer EACH MONTH and reviewed during the monthly student-teacher meeting.  Please download additional copies, as needed.