Health Services


To support students in their journey as lifelong learners through wellness education, vigilance and caring based on science and Evidenced Based Practice (EBP).



    • That students are informed and empowered to make the best possible lifelong health choices
    • That parents make the best possible choices in support of their child's health
    • That educators partner with parents to support their students well being
    • That nurses are sufficiently resourced in order to accomplish our mission



Health Services Head of Program

Patricia DuPont-Tyler, MSN, CPNP, RN

(562) 926-5566 Ext 21155

email: [email protected]


Health Services Secretary

Sarah Garcia, Interim Secretary

(562) 926-5566 Ext 21155

email: [email protected]


(562) 926-5566
Kathy Bales, MSN, RN
Gonsalves Elementary Ext 23205  
Nixon Academy Ext 23906  
Burbank Immunization Clinic Ext 22792  
email: [email protected]    
Wafa Bennani, BSN, RN, PHN    
Gahr High School Ext 22008  
Elsa Blasco, BSN, RN    
Aloha Elementary Ext 22505  
Haskell Middle School Ext 24707  
email: [email protected]    
Tito Chambers, BSN, RN    
Fedde Middle School Ext 22607  
Tetzlaff Middle School Ext 24808  
Kennedy Elementary Ext 23505  
email: [email protected]    
Hayde Cruz, BSN, RN    
Child Development/Head Start Ext 25451  
email: [email protected]    
Jocelyn Desaca, BSN, RN    
Tracy High School Ext 22208  
Tracy Infant Center Ext 22276  
Burbank Elementary Ext 22706  
email: [email protected]    
Jennifer Kim, MSN, RN, PHN    
Artesia Children's Center Ext 21756  
Early Intervention Program Ext 21756  
Leal Elementary Ext 23606  
email: [email protected]    
Joanna McManus, DNP, MSN, MSPA, RN, PHN    
Whitney High School Ext 22312  
Willow Elementary Ext 24242  
Cerritos Elementary Ext 22904  
email: [email protected]    
Nurse Vacancy    
Cerritos High School Ext 21831  
email: there[email protected]    
Jose Pineda, BSN, RN    
Melbourne Elementary Ext 23705  
Ross Middle School Ext 24506  
Wittmann Elementary Ext 24304  
email: [email protected]    
Kristen Strok, MSN, RN, PHN    
Carmenita Middle School Ext 24408  
Juarez Elementary Ext 23405  
Stowers Elementary Ext 24105  
email: [email protected]    
Ana Ualika, MSN, RN    
Artesia High School Ext 21620  
email: [email protected]    
Cecilyn Valerio, MSN-FNP, BSN, RN    
Elliott Elementary Ext 23032  
ABC Adult School Ext 25211  
Bragg Elementary Ext 22604  
email: [email protected]    
Jeannie Woo, BSN, RN, PHN    
Furgeson Elementary Ext 23106  
Hawaiian Elementary Ext 23304  
Niemes Elementary Ext 23806  
email: [email protected]    
Carver Elementary Ext 22805  
Palms Elementary Ext 24004  
Health Clerks    
Kimberlee Harris    
email: [email protected]    
Lupe Rodriguez    
email: [email protected]    
Denise Castillo
email: [email protected]