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  • The Black Student Alliance is focused on strengthening our Black Student Unions at 6th, middle and high schools. We are planning a Youth Summit for the first of the year.
  • This year, will there be BFC events for parents? Yes, the BFC-PAC will now, seeking your input, plan such events. However, once their formation is complete parents/guardians will be able to come to the committee meetings for public comment to give input into their work for the academic success and social-emotional well-being of Black/AA students in ABCUSD. Stay-Tuned
  • As a parent/guardian I need support where can I ask my questions or state a concern? You can always email [email protected] with your question/concern and the Black Student Alliance will respond in the meantime while the PAC is in training.


Past Events

  • 9/28/22 - Overview of WHY we are starting a PAC. Application link given to attendees. Presentation by the Black Student Alliance and Dr.Clark. (Emailed on 9/30 the PAC application to all Black/AA families who identified as such listed in Aeries)
  • BFC is currently in the application stage for the formation of a parent advisory committee[PAC]. This committee of parents will meet with Dr. Angela Clark Louque, Education Professor CSU San Bernardino and author who facilitates/guides the members in creating the structure, mission, vision, and goals. This committee meets in closed sessions beginning in October.
  • Meet the inaugural BFC-PAC December TBA
To view past Black Family Circle events click the second page of each pdf.