Carmenita Middle School

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Carmenita Middle School’s mission is to ensure successful progress for all.


Carmenita Middle School is an award winning middle school that continues to serve an important role in our community.  Carmenita’s teachers and staff believe in supporting the social-emotional growth and the academic achievement of each child that walks onto our campus.  We welcome every student and parent/guardian on our campus and believe that we play a role that can positively impact students for the rest of their lives.  Students represent a diversity that reflects our local and surrounding communities. Our faculty and staff are prepared to teach, support, engage and encourage our students intellectually, emotionally, socially, and physically. For all of their efforts, the staff, students and community have been recognized by National and State agencies for their commitment to “ensure successful progress for all.” Carmenita has been recognized as a California Distinguished SchoolCalifornia Business for Education Excellence Honor Rollrecipient, the California School Board Association’s Golden Bell Award recipient for our Distinguished Scholars Program, and a National and California Schools to Watch to serve as a national model of a high achieving middle school and most recently, as a Gold Ribbon School, by the California Department of Education.  These accolades are clearly based on the merit of our students, hard work ethic exemplified by our caring teachers and staff and most certainly by the contributions made by our parents and community! 




As stated in our mission statement, Carmenita students also understand that their successful progress is a common goal shared by all of the adults on our campus.  In addition to the support our students receive from their teachers, their parents, and our staff, Carmenita students are taught to take ownership of their own progress.  Our students read their own assessment data, chart their individual progress, and set goals based on data. We believe that our students can take a grand part in becoming responsible, contributing members of society by becoming active participants in their own growth and development process.



In addition to our core academic course offerings, Carmenita offers a wealth of extra-curricular, elective, college and career pathway courses.  As 7th graders, most students will be placed into the elective wheel where they will have an opportunity to spend a quarter learning computers, art, an intro to spanish, and music. Still 7th and 8th graders can also become a part of other elective courses such as art, band, digital media arts, computers, Spanish, yearbook, broadcasting, and Project Lead the Way.  We are also proud to offer Advancement Via Individual Determination (AVID) courses in both 7th and 8th grades.  8th graders can also become a part of Project Lead The Way (PLTW), which consists of two courses in engineering and robotics.  These courses enrich the school experience for our students and help them better prepare for college and career choices in the future.



Carmenita is proud to have a successful and unique program called the Distinguished Scholars Program (DSP). Our DSP was awarded the Golden Bell Award in 2011 and recognized as a Gold Ribbon School in 2017, based on Distinguished Scholar Program. All 7th and 8th grade students have the opportunity to apply and be part of our innovative experiential program.  The Program has three overarching goals in support of our school’s mission.


  1. Our first goal is to increase desire and passion for learning.  On many occasions, one can wonder our campus during lunchtime or after school and witness the Distinguished Scholar students working on projects together and generally enjoying their time togehter. Their excitement and zeal for the program is displayed not only through their willingness to go “above and beyond” in a specific content area, but also in their desire to grow as a community of learners and achievers.
  2. Our second goal for the DSP is to prepare students for rigorous high school college-preparatory curriculum. A very clear indication that we are meeting this goal is that most of the DS students are accepted into high school honors classes and upper-level math classes after they are promoted.
  3. Our third goal of the DSP is leadership development. Understanding the significance of community service is essential to the DS program. DS students are required to “give back” to the Carmenita community by leading other students. “Giving back” is done in a variety of ways, and can include tutoring, mentoring, and leading class discussions.



 We strongly believe that a healthy body produces a healthy mind.  This belief led us to the creation of our enviable Cougar Health and Fitness Center.  With the help of our CMS PTA, we have raised the necessary funds to open and sustain a state of the art Fitness Center.  In the Fitness Center, students learn to use fitness machines and technology to improve and track their physical fitness.  We also pride ourselves in the fact that our students are expected to be scholars and athletes; in fact, our track team has brought home the overall district track championship for a record, 11 years in a row!




Each year, we look forward to welcoming our incoming students and preparing our current students for the challenges ahead.  We know that best way to approach our mission statement is to continue to build with our CMS parents, community members, and local organizations to support our students.  This year will be another memorable year for our school, staff and students and we look forward to challenges and successes of the upcoming school year.  If you would like more information about our school or would like to contact us, please visit our school’s website at: and follow us on Twitter @carmenitams.