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Gahr High School

11111 Artesia Blvd.
Cerritos 90703
FAX * 924-8136


Gahr High School has a legacy of being an outstanding school.  With many academic acknowledgement and championships, we pride ourselves in being the home of Scholars and Athletes. In all educational arenas, Gahr sets the bar of high academic standards while ensuring the social development and academic opportunities for all students. The combination of supportive parents, dedicated staff, and great students, we remained focused on providing the most comprehensive program and educational opportunities for our community.


Through a multi-faceted learning process, students will develop ownership of their academic, behavioral, and emotional choices, which will empower them to make a positive impact on their lives as well as on the lives of others. Gahr High School’s vision is to utilize our core values, Student Learning Objectives (SLO’s), a rigorous and comprehensive curriculum, and the talents and abilities of all staff members and the community to provide an effective, safe, and supportive learning organization where all students meet the standards required to graduate and succeed academically, personally, and socially in a 21st Century environment. Our desire is to prepare graduates who connect their comprehensive education to real world learning through the recognition of relevant opportunities for all students.


We believe that students, parents, staff, and community form a team to educate and prepare students, as they become productive and successful members of our society. Gahr High School's staff believes that ALL STUDENTS CAN AND WILL LEARN. We strive to develop our school into an institution that adheres to the highest academic, technological, athletic, moral, and social standards. The school staff is committed to making a positive impact on the lives of students and fellow staff members.


Gahr High School is a healthy, successful, safe, effective, and motivational environment for students. It is in this context that Gahr High School offers a rigorous and challenging programs for every student to be prepared for college and career.



  • Build a sense of unity among staff, students, parents, and community through a commitment to maximize learning.
  • Develop in each student an appreciation for the privileges and responsibilities of life.
  • Actively engage students in learning individually, collaboratively, and technologically to equip them for college and career pursuits.
  • Appreciate the uniqueness and diversity of cultures and ensure that each student and staff member is valued and treated with dignity and respect.


Gahr High STEAM Magnet School is a wonderful place for students to learn and grow.  The core of our campus is centered on student learning and preparation for college and career upon graduation.  With a dedicated and caring staff, Gahr High is able to provide many programs and opportunities for all students to be actively engaged with their learning, school, and community.  


Our STEAM focus has specializations for students in Biomedical Sciences, Engineering, and Arts Technology.  The STEAM pathways are offered to increase opportunities for our students as they explore future career options. Our STEAM focus is further supported by academic offerings and support available to ensure that all students have opportunities to prepare for college and university experiences after high school. 


Our comprehensive Advanced Placement (AP) Pathway offers options for learning in a wide array of academic disciplines, allowing our students to best meet their learning interests and support their career exploration. In addition, our students have academic support through programs designed to provide assistance for students as they experience the demands and expectations of our challenging curriculum that include AVID, Cyber High, tutorials, and after school classes. 


A hallmark of the Gahr High campus are the numerous opportunities students have to participate in extra-curricular programs.  These programs provide students with opportunities to put into practice the inquiry, collaboration, and organizational skills learned within their school day.  Students have opportunities through both our activities and academic programs to showcase their talents and explore their interests.


Finally, Gahr High has a comprehensive Athletic Program which seeks to provide all students with opportunities to get involved and be part of a team. Each athletic team works to prepare our student athletes to compete at their best with a philosophy that encourages students to play to the end and play with character.


I am so proud to be a Gladiator and look forward to an exciting year.


Ricardo Lois