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Tracy High School

12222 Cuesta Dr.
Cerritos 90703
FAX * 926-8740

Tracy (continuation) High School is the ABC Unified School District’s alternative educational program for secondary school students. Named a Model Continuation School in 2002, THS is accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC) and offers core academic courses and personal attention to students who are behind in credits and at risk of not graduating. THS classes focus on the courses, and make-up courses required for graduation.  An online (A-G approved) series of classes are also available to all students. Small class sizes and a friendly, peaceful campus environment encourage student achievement, cooperation and success with a school culture of Restorative Practices.  Counseling emphasis is placed on academics as well as a philosophy that everyone deserves a second chance. Career-Technical Education (CTE) courses, taught by ROP (Regional Occupational Program), focus on vocational/technical pathways in Hospital Occupations and Public Safety.  A new College/Career Center is being added this year to support students seeking information and counseling on college enrollment and job opportunities.  Tracy High School has a few extra-curricular activities similar to traditional high schools. There are no athletics and performing arts programs/classes.  Students (and parents) enjoy events such as Back to School Night BBQ, District Art Show, Student Awards Night, Open House, Prom and Grad Night. Student of the Month and Perfect Attendance awards are recognized throughout the year.  Tracy High School provides something unique to the District where every graduating senior from Tracy High School is eligible for up to $800 in scholarship money through the school’s Clara Mae Tracy Foundation (based on post-secondary school enrollment).


Teen Parent (Cal-Safe)

The Teen Parent Program (TPP) is open to ABCUSD students who are expecting a child and/or are already parenting. Classes teach parenting skills, prenatal health and childbirth. A District-funded Infant Center is available to most participating students/parents and is staffed by professional child-care providers as well as community and student volunteers.  

1:1 iPad Math Program

All THS math classes are taught with Apple iPad tablet technology focusing on Project-Based Learning units to align with the Common Core State Standards.  Students consistently work in groups while learning basic and advanced math concepts.  Lessons and units make math “real” for students in an interactive and engaging way. 


Afternoon Opportunity High School (satellite program)

The Afternoon Opportunity Program option is offered to Tracy High School students from 1:30 p.m. to 4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday, and is located on the Cabrillo Lane campus on Del Amo Blvd. Behavior modification such as conflict resolution, study skills, responsible decision making skills and job readiness are emphasized. Students with serious attendance problems or social/emotional issues may voluntarily transfer to this program or be involuntarily transferred to this program for serious/chronic behaviors.  

10th Grade Opportunity

The CA Ed Code restricts continuation education to students 16 years or older.  For students under the age of 16 needing an alternative education, Tracy offers a 10th Grade Opportunity program. Upon a counselor’s recommendation, students take blended classes within the regular continuation school program. Students must be at least 30 credits behind after their freshmen year in order to be considered for enrollment at Tracy High School’s Opportunity Program.  All students must be referred by their home school and a mandatory student/parent orientation is required before being admitted. 

THE ABC Secondary School/Independent Study

Independent Study is a voluntary educational alternative. It is a means of individualizing an educational learning plan for students in grades 7-12 whose needs may best be met through study outside the regular classroom setting.  An Independent Study Agreement must be entered into before the student starts his/her extended absence. Middle and high school students must consult with their counselors and administrators before requesting this program which can include online (A-G) coursework as well. For more information call Ms. Charlene DeJong (clerk) or Mr. Felipe Vela (counselor) at 562-229-7768.


Tracy Peace Club members visited Homeboy Industries and learned about a program to help former gang members get jobs provide a service to their community. 



Tracy Peace Club members took part in an after-school activity to create tie-dye T-shirts. 



 Outstanding math students take a “selfie” with their teachers (in white dress shirts) during the Tracy Student Awards Night at the Cerritos Library Skyline Room. Over 75 students received awards and gold medals. 


Attempting to take a group photo of all of the Tracy students who were recognized during the annual Student Awards Night at the Cerritos Library Skyline Room. 


Students and faculty and staff members pose for and after-game group photo on one of the last (and hottest) days of the school year. Result: Students 9, Faculty-Staff 8.