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Aloha Health Medical Academy

Aloha Health Medical Academy is a hidden gem in the ABC Unified School District.  The school is nestled in a charming residential community in east Lakewood bordering the city of Hawaiian Gardens.  As the campus is off the beaten path, it is often undiscovered by all but those who live in the immediate area.


Aloha Health Medical Academy received a Federal Magnet Grant several years ago that enabled the creation of a health/medical science enrichment program that is implemented in all grades, kindergarten through sixth.  Students enjoy their weekly lessons conducted in the site Science Lab by the science teacher.  These lessons are based on five school wide themes that students and teachers focus on over the course of the school year.  In the Science Lab students are actively involved in many hands-on experiments using a variety of equipment.  They are thrilled to use stethoscopes, blood pressure cuffs, microscopes and other science and health tools.


Classroom teachers provide additional instruction that supports the themes in their classroom.  Students learn about disease prevention, healthy practices to protect their skin and teeth, career opportunities in the heath and medical fields and other theme related topics.


The Career Fair takes place each year providing students with opportunities to learn about a variety of potential careers with a special focus on those in the health and medical fields.  This is a special highlight for students. 


Aloha is a safe encouraging learning environment that supports the behavioral and academic needs for all students through positive actions; where the students, community, and staff exhibit respect, responsibility, and safety.  Having just completed the second year of training to facilitate the implementation of Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports (PBIS), the Aloha School Community is thrilled to have earned a silver medal for our achievements in this area.  Our students strive to be dynamic dolphins through respectful, responsible, and safe behavior.


The Aloha PTA is a dynamic group of committed parents, family members, and teachers who provide wonderful support to students and families.  All students are able to ride a school bus for one field trip each year thanks to the support of our PTA.  The Family Fun Night offers children and adults a fun and engaging evening of activities.  The Family Dance introduced in 2016-2017 was a big hit!  The PTA created a 50s themed diner set along with music and food.  Students and parents donned 50s themed attire and danced the night away.  Talk about a cardio work-out!  The PTA welcomes new members and encourages participation as a Board Member and/or with specific activities.


Some of our Aloha highlights include:

            Student Council

            Health Club

            Reading Olympics (second place in 2016-2017/first time participants)

            Career Day   

            Dr. Seuss Community Read Aloud

            Student Ambassadors (Magnet Representatives)


            Play Works

            Science Lab

            Computer Lab

            Academic Intervention

            Friday Flag Ceremony

            Band (grades 4-6)

            Student Performances (fall/winter and spring)

            Dolphin Patrol



We welcome you at Aloha Health Medical Academy.  Come and become a dynamic dolphin!