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Niemes Elementary School

16715 S. Jersey Ave.
Artesia 90701
FAX * 402-8927


Niemes is proud to be a National Magnet School with an emphasis on Environmental Science and Technology. A child with a strong interest in animal life, the outdoors and science will thrive in the Environmental Science and Technology Programs at Niemes Elementary. Our innovative program encourages the students’ love for the natural world and empowers them to become an active participant in the stewardship of their planet. We strive to combine high expectations, stellar educational programs and a partnership with parents and the community to provide the best educational experience for each child. 


Awards & Recognitions


  • NATIONAL MAGNET SCHOOL OF DISTINCTION by the Magnet School of America Association
  • California School Boards Association GOLDEN BELL AWARD for an Outstanding Science Program & Festival
  • Nationally Recognized HEALTHY SCHOOL OF AMERICA by the Red Cross Association and Clinton Foundation
  • Named top 10 in the nation for an AWARD OF EXCELLENCE IN SPANISH from the Spanish Embassy
  • Winner of the VERIZON INNOVATIVE SCHOOLS Grant. 12 schools were chosen in the Nation, only 1 in California! 


Niemes Elementary is proud to be on the cutting edge of environmental education and in alignment with the State of California’s emphasis on environmental principles. Our students develop awareness of the interconnection of all species and ecosystems on our planet through integration of environmental science and technology across all subject areas. Kindergarten through sixth grade students explore these concepts in the general education classroom, in our Environmental Science Laboratory and Outdoor Garden Habitat, and in the community in which they reside.


Selected for Seal of Excellence Award

Niemes Elementary School was selected for the 2013 Seal of Excellence Award by the California Association of Bilingual Education (CABE).The Seal of Excellence Award honors schools that have established effective programs for their English learners. The school had to provide evidence of their students learning another language as well as English. The criteria also included examining their statewide data results by significant subgroups and evidence of meeting growth targets for all subgroups.  In addition to the Seal of Excellence Award, the school was also recognized for promoting the Seal of Biliteracy at the school.  The Seal of Biliteracy promotes proficiency in another language than English. 


Additional School Highlights

  • High Academic Expectations and Consistent Behavior Standards    Thanks to the strong commitment of staff, students, and families to the academic success of every child we continue to meet and surpass our academic growth goals of the California State Standards.
  • Dual Immersion Program  English speaking and Spanish speaking students in this program are immersed in both languages throughout their school experience. The program produces students that are fluent in reading, writing, and speaking both English and Spanish when they exit the program at the end of sixth grade.
  • Gifted and Talented Education (GATE) An individualized education program is developed for each child who has qualified for the GATE program, to enhance and enrich their learning throughout their academic experience.
  • Focus on Academic Performance After School Program Open to K through 6th grade students, Monday through Friday. This program, run by the YMCA, includes homework assistance and physical education activities. There is no charge to families.
  • Niemes Band Beginning and advanced band instruction is open to fourth, fifth, and sixth grade students throughout the school year.
  • After-School Althetics Our After School Running/Walking Program is available to students, first grade through sixth, and parents, once a week after school, on our large school field. In addition, Niemes offers various club that our teachers volunteer to coordinate.
  • Community Celebrations Our entire community looks forward to our Family Events. Events change yearly, but may include a Fall Festival,  Family Movie Nights, Spring Dance, Talent Show, and our Annual Environmental Festival and Science Fair.


Program Features

  • Environmental science and technology curriculum integrated into all subject areas
  • Environmental science laboratory
  • Outdoors garden habitat
  • State of the art technology equipment programs and high speed internet
  • In-classroom technology centers including:
    • o 1:1 Chromebooks with iPad support for all 5th and 6th graders.
    • o 2:1 Chromebooks with iPad support for all 4th graders.
    • o 3:1 Chromebooks with iPad support for all 3rd  graders.
    • o iPad centers for all TK-2nd graders.