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Leal Elementary School

Being the principal at Leal Elementary is exciting and getting to be a part of this amazing school and community is such a privilege. Without a doubt, Leal has a tremendous heritage which includes 3 National Blue Ribbons, 4 California Distinguished Schools, a California Gold Ribbon as well as a California Exemplary Arts Education Program recipient. Those recognitions at the state and national level highlight the hard work and dedication put forth by our parents, students and staff.


Leal's designation as a visual and performing arts magnet school goes a long way in defining who we are as a school community. Our students engage in the arts on a daily basis, from pull-out instruction in theater to hands-on art projects in the classroom. We value creative expression as an effective way for students to demonstrate what they have learned. Furthermore, our students eagerly participate in classroom presentations as well as various other programs including band, Diwali festival, Lunar New Year festival, International festival and the spring musical. Our parent community extends its commitment to our success in this area as well, having established the Leal Elementary Arts Program (LEAP) Foundation. Additionally our PTA is instrumental in providing support to students through various school programs such as field trips, yearbooks, dances, and science night. By working in conjunction, these two volunteer organizations provide tremendous support and contribute significantly to the success of our students. 


At Leal, we pride ourselves in creating an environment in which students feel safe, are free to take academic and creative "risks," as well as engage in a constant cycle of curiosity, inquiry, investigation, and imagination. It is our goal to send truly well-rounded, confident, and prepared young people on to the next stage of their education. We are proud of the example we set as a community and, most importantly, of the accomplishments of our students.



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